Project Description

Design and manufacture electronic boards


  • Via Rimini, N. 17/19 – 42048 RUBIERA (RE)

  • Year of foundation: 1981

  • Total productive area: 2.000 mq
    Number of production sites: 1

Teknoema offers its services on the market as a reliable partner for the outsourcing of production and custom-built industrial applications to the customer’s specifications.

Reference sectors:

electronic diagnosis, autodiagnosis and emission tests, automotive, automation, biomedical, measuring instruments and energy management, sound systems, home alarms, audio-visual environmental interception systems, display systems and advertising promotion, lighting solutions.

Teknoema is specialized in the design and production of electronic boards and equipment. The company is able to offer complete products, designed in co-engineering or made to the customer’s specifications according to criteria of high quality, precision and reliability.

Functional organization and great flexibility of response are achieved thanks to the high professional standard of the team of collaborators.

Widespread service and the high technology of the SMT machines department enable us to occupy a prestigious position in the outsourcing sector.

Teknoema service: assembly of boards using THD and SMT technology; assembly of instruments and equipment;

testing with automatic optical systems (VSS); testing with SPEA systems with flying probes, testing with SPEA bed-of-nails systems, testing with dedicated GIG and issue of conformity certificate; programming and customization of dedicated software; after-sales assistance; joint product industrialization;

technical support for design; design and realization of automatic testing hardware for mass production; rapid sampling service for mass-produced boards; supply of electronic components; LIFO and FIFO warehouse management.