Project Description

RFC Rettifica Corghi srl
Precision Adjustments

  • Via Ampere, 5/11 42017 Novellara, R.E.

  • Year of foundation:1974

  • Total productive area: 2.000 mq
    Number of production sites: 1

RFC carries out grinding of mechanical components, operating especially in the Hydraulic, Agricultural and Automotive fields, but not excluding other areas such as, for example, the Aeronautical and Medical sectors.

The high quality of workmanship is guaranteed by the variety of advanced technologies available, as regards both the fleet of machines and the use of modern and efficient measurement and control systems. The production department comprises about 35 machine tools, while the company has its own air-conditioned metrology lab, equipped with a roundness gauge, roughness gauge, profilometer, an optical measuring instrument for external measurements, profile projector, stereo microscopes, altimeters, as well as various dimensional, pneumatic and electronic measuring systems.

The Company carries out grinding of external diameters (Ø min. 3 mm, Ø max 350 mm) and threads, internal diameters (Ø min. 2.5, Ø max 400), grinding of external shapes (e.g. polygonal, eccentric, cams, etc.). Grinding is also performed on centreless machines and lapping of internal diameters, as well as finishing work such as brushing, buffing and tumbling of ground parts, deburring, water quenching and ultrasonic quenching, grinding of shaft centres. The main materials processed are steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic, molybdenum, tungsten carbide.

Thanks to attentive production planning, the company is able to ensure customers of maximum reliability regarding the agreed delivery dates. The company obtained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification in 2003.