Project Description

Precision Mechanics

  • Via Bersella, 5 – 42018  S.Martino in Rio (RE) – ITALIA
  • Year of foundation: 1990

  • Total productive area: 5.500mq
    Number of production sites: 2

O.M.P. has been producing high-precision mechanical components since the early Nineties and offers customers a complete service delivering finished products that are inspected, tested and ready for final assembly.

The complete supply chain and the production processes are managed in such a way as to satisfy the customers’ economic and quality targets.

O.M.P. holds ISO9001 certification and since the first days of its activity has been constantly dedicated to the application of Total Quality concepts focussed on customer satisfaction.

The quality control department is equipped with the most modern technologies, ensuring that the production processes and the mechanical components produced comply with the company quality targets; it applies measurable results, 8D and 5S organization methods and process lines inspired by Lean Manufacturing.

CNC mechanical processes: turning, milling, drilling, centred and centreless grinding , external and internal diameters, keying, broaching, slotting, threading, worm screws, lapping, surface finishing, sandblasting, degreasing, washing, permanent marking; O.M.P. can offer the management of the supply chain from raw material to machining to semi-assembled, inspected and functionally tested products, ensuring the compliance with specifications of the individual component as well as the functionality of the assembled products, packaging and customized deliveries with the kanban system.