Project Description

Cutting, bending, welding and sheet metal stamping.

  • Strada Martinella, 111 Frazione Alberini, Parma

  • Year of foundation: 1977

  • Total productive area: 4.500 mq
    Number of production sites: 3

The company was founded in 1977, operating in the moulding of sheet metal using mechanical presses.

The first turning point came in 1984, with the arrival of new partners and the transformation into Nuova Isam Srl.

But the real change came in 1993 with the purchase of the first CNC punching machine, while in 1997 a plant was bought for sheet metal cutting using laser technology.

These are the elements that gave rise to the phase of growth and specialization in the production of semi-finished metalwork. Nuova Isam is able to manage different phases, from the drawing board to the assembly of the finished part and consequently different processes, from laser cutting to punching, bending, welding and external processes such as galvanizing and painting.

We specialize in all types of metal working, from laser cutting for plate and tubular material, deburring, bending, moulding and welding; we outsource all complementary processes such as painting, turning, milling, galvanizing, electro-polishing, shot peening, sandblasting, pickling.

Finally we also provide delivery service to the customer.

We are in the forefront as regards instrumentation, optimization of material flows and production times