Sectors Power transmission. Components for planetary gear units:  Input and output shafts  Metal shaft sleeves Planetary carrier  Planetary gearbox Pins  Pinion shafts  Worm gearboxes  Gear housing  Spacers  Slew rings  Transmission control unit  Control units for speed variators  Control units for inverters  Hydraulics. Actuators  [...]

Sheet metal-working


Precisionet produces light and heavy metal structural products offering the engineering, development and study of the complete production process and the supply of the finished product. The organization and industrialization of the industrial activities allows the flexibility to supply small series and prototypes, but also medium and large scale production. [...]

Assembly and functional tests


PRECISIONET supplies finished and semi-finished mechanical and electronic products, ready for inclusion in the customer’s production flow. The assembly and testing departments ensure that the individual components comply with the technical specifications and functionality of the assembled product, carrying out precise traceable quality checks. [...]